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Steve Kaczor & Linda Jensen

Steve & Linda are grateful to have learned that the best method of selling is to take selling out of the sales process and just teach. They teach people to understand their current situation and how to determine their own wants and needs; their own conditions of satisfaction.

Experienced financial professionals, Steve and Linda forge lasting customer relationships based on key values; integrity, trust, intelligence, an ability to understand and empathize, and the confidence to act wisely on that knowledge. Steve and Linda teach seniors about protecting and defending the money they have earned throughout their lifetime. They help their clients build individual plans that will improve their quality of life and protect their assets for future generations. Steve & Linda provide information, answer questions, and guide clients with a disciplined procedure for making decisions that will make certain they have income that cannot be outlived and that their legacy goals will be met.

Steve and Linda meet with a typical client and learn of the client’s goals and help the client determine suitable strategies for achieving those goals. Each step in the process includes full disclosure of the benefits and detriments of each strategy and financial product being considered. This gives clients great confidence in their decisions, allowing them to feel confident about their financial futures. Steve and Linda like to help the client review their strategy and positioning at least once a year, and are available for questions or a conference throughout the year.

Steve Kaczor and Linda Jensen are retirement specialists/licensed insurance professionals and Certified Senior Advisors. They work with retirees by simplifying the complexities of retirement using protected principle alternatives/insurance concepts.

Steve and Linda are passionate about helping people understand their financial options so that they can feel good about their retirement planning decisions. They have developed what some say is a proprietary method of helping people make financial decisions that are consistently accurate and appropriate; thus avoiding regret and remorse. Their goal is to help people make decisions that “feel right” to them. On occasion this will mean that doing nothing is the right decision. This kind of service consistently earns them referrals from clients, who know that their friends and family will be treated with professionalism and respect.

Our Partner: Fran Tarkenton & Tarkenton Financial

In 2007, Steve and Linda became authorized representatives of Tarkenton Financial. Fran Tarkenton, Chairman and CEO of Tarkenton Financial, is one of the world’s most esteemed athletes and a trusted business leader. Tarkenton Financial is a national network of independent insurance and financial representatives whose goal is to focus on strategies and financial products that guarantee no loss of principal for consumers.

The affiliation Steve and Linda have made with Tarkenton Financial translates into real benefits for their clients. Steve and Linda has access to current strategies for preservation of assets, and equally as important, they have access to tools that support those strategies.